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Lily CummingsI photographed the lovely Nicole Wimmer from Utah while I was in Los Angeles last week. A plus-size model signed with MSA Models in NYC, she recently walked the Isabel Toledo for Lane Bryant runway show. Nicole has been in the fashion industry since she was a teenager and here she offers some personal style advice for all women.

“My top 5 styling tips.

1. Start with the basics.  Black   leggings paired with a loose long top or sweater is a great go to. Also a great fitting pair of jeans with a basic top to start the outfit off.

2. Don’t be affraid of a little color. An accent or accesory with a splash of color can go a long way. I love my red pumps with an all black outfit etc.

3. Bring a friend when you shop that won’t be afraid to tell you how something REALLY looks on you. I love the gals and guys that help me at the store but usually they always say something will look fabulous. A true friend can tell you when to put it back.

4. Have a personal look book. Collect images of  styles that you like. Sometimes there are several people in your book and sometimes there is a recurring theme of the same person that you pattern your style after. Many of my looks are based off of Charlize Theron’s style and then I make it my own. I’ve always been a fan of her classic look.

5. Try something new.  It can be difficult to break out of your own mold at times. But every once in a while try something on that your initial thought is… “thats just not me”, You can be pleasantly surprised.”

Style Tips from Nicole Wimmer

Style Tips from Nicole Wimmer

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