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Don’t just dress to impress—dress to enhance every curve and accentuate your best while downplaying your less-than-fave. How? Here are our stylist sleek style secrets…

1) Bag the baggy: shapeless, baggy tops may hide your flaws, but they certainly don’t bring out the positive either. The end result is a shapeless, frumpy look that actually makes you look bulkier, not sleeker. Ditch the extra material and opt for something that fits your shape.


2) Go long: dark, boot-cut trousers and jeans look great on everyone. A gradual flare creates the illusion of length and, of course, dark is naturally slimming. Shop around, though—pants with a flare can sometimes fall into the “baggy” zone. Avoid! Try these Italian Bi-Stretch Denim Curvy Classic Jeans from our fave, Lafayette 148.

3) Simple is stylish: there’s nothing wrong with a little bling, but voluminous embellishments and added volume can add bulk. Opt for classic, sleek style designs that play up your curves. It’s always elegant, always in style and always easy to accessorize with pieces you love.

4) Get thee to a tailor: a great tailor can be your best friend. It’s virtually impossible to find a perfect fit off the rack, and a tailor can add those body-enhancing tweaks you’ve been fantasizing about. Trust us, there’s a huge difference between a blazer and a blazer perfectly fit to your frame—same goes for properly tailored pants, pencil skirts and just about anything else.

5) Pick your patterns: don’t be afraid to play with patterns, but avoid this season’s over-the-top floral trend. It’s hard to wear and, what’s more, it pulls away from your waist and other best-fit features. Instead, opt for always on-trend color blocks, subtle vertical stripes and pretty jewel tones. You’ll get the burst of bright you’re looking for while playing up your most beautiful features.


6) Back off the black: Yes, it’s slimming. Yes, it looks good on everyone. It’s easy to fall into the daily head-to-toe black look, but color can be equally flattering. If you’re a fan of black, try dark shades of trendy colors, like deep purples, forest green and even a burnt sienna.

7) What’s in a bag? It’s a staple, but is it adding bulk? Large, structured bags like the Hermes Garden Party bag actually give the appearance of a smaller, sleek stylish you. Small handbags with long, thin straps can get lost on a fuller figure, but faves like Chanel’s new satchels are the best of both worlds.

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