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Forget the shapeless and plain plus-sized swimwear of the past! Today’s bathing suits offer fuller-figured women more in style, colors, patterns, and prints. Plus-sized swimsuits are chic and fashion forward and we have some great tips on how to choose the perfect suit for your body!

Choose a suit with good support. A suit that has a built-in bra offers much more support than one with a simple and flimsy shelf bra. Good support will not only change the way the suit fits but will also change the way you carry yourself in it – make your posture work for you. Many stores offer swimsuits that are sized by standard bra measurements. Try to find one of these suits for the best fit.

Keep your body shape in mind when choosing a suit. We all have an individual body shape: pear, apple, etc. When choosing a bathing suit, keep your shape in mind and remember that even though it might come in your size, the cut or style of the bathing suit may not be the most flattering for your individual shape. Remember to also choose a suit that reflects your style! Your body might look banging in a one-piece monokini but if you’re not comfortable or feel out of place in the suit, try something different! Here are some good choices for swimsuits based on body shape:

  • Triangle (Pear) Shape: A suit that draws the eyes upward is best for this body shape. Try to highlight your upper body by choosing a suit that has bright colors and designs on top with dark colors or solids on the bottom. The best styles for a pear shape are tankini sets or one-pieces.
  • Apple Shape: The opposite of pear shape, try drawing attention downward with bright designs and colors or even ruffled material. Make sure to choose a suit with wide straps for better support and full bust support with an underwire bra. The best styles for an apple shape are swimdresses, V-necks, and all-over printed one-pieces.
  • Hourglass Shape: While an hourglass figure is generally well proportioned throughout, you might have some problem areas that you’d like to hide. If you have a slim waist, accentuate this area by choosing a suit with a belt or colors that draw the eyes to the waist. The best style for an hourglass shape is any that put emphasis on and highlights a narrow waist.
  • Round Shape: Halters with plunging necklines are best suited for a round shape. Try to pick a suit with flattering design features like a belt or a fun pattern. Vertical prints will create a leaner silhouette while baby-doll suits are also flattering for the round body shape.
  • Rectangle Shape: Since women with this shape tend to have straight proportions, choose a suit that will help create a better defined waistline. Belted swimwear is a great choice as are suits with diagonal stripes. Halter suits and suits with plunging necklines also look great on this shape. In general, the best style suit for a rectangle shape is blouson and v-necks.

Mind the fabric of the swimsuit! Found a swimsuit that you love? Great! Now, make sure that it will last through more than one season. The highest quality swimsuits will be made of a polyester blend. Avoid suits made of Lycra as they will stretch and fade in the sun and chlorine. You can also purchase a suit that’s made of fabric that will resist fading in chlorine and though these suits will be a little more expensive, they’ll also last longer and be more durable.

Remember to avoid specific design features. There are some features of swimsuits that fuller figured gals should stay away from! Strapless tops don’t provide the type of support that many women require while boy short bottoms will make your thighs appear larger. Solid suits are not only boring but also draw attention to problem areas while split two-tone suits and patterns that divide your body in half can be worse than solid suits.

Embrace vibrant colors and prints. If you want to wear basic black, go for it! But don’t be afraid to play with prints and bold colors – these suits can be dramatic, stylish, and can play up some of your best features. Remember to choose a suit with mid-section control and chest support for your best fit but don’t shy away from loud color choices and fun patterns!

Everything you wear, including swimsuits, depends on your own personal style choice. If you try on a suit that breaks all of the above rules but makes you feel sexy, comfortable, and stylish; go for it! Don’t be afraid to try on different swimsuits that you would normally avoid, to get an idea of what you love and dislike. No two bodies are the same and knowing what looks good and makes you feel good will give you more options when choosing a suit!


Summer’s Coming: 5 Tips for Choosing a Plus-Sized Bathing Suit!




Summer’s Coming: 5 Tips for Choosing a Plus-Sized Bathing Suit!




Summer’s Coming: 5 Tips for Choosing a Plus-Sized Bathing Suit!




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