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Everyone has one—most women seem to have at least five (let’s be honest…). But there’s that one little black dress in your closet that probably doesn’t get out as much as it should. When you want to do more than layer on the jewelry and accessories, changing it up is all about adding layers. So dig it up, dust it off and get ready to rediscover your former favorite, never worn or “I love it but how do I wear it” LBD—a few wears and a few compliments from now it will no doubt be your go-to fave.

1. Sunday Brunch: With a low-slung belt turn a simple LBD into a tunic top. Dark tights or leggings keep it casual, and a slick button-down or cardigan can pull it all together. Mandarin collars are always unexpected and don’t swallow the neck.

2. Dinner and Drinks: Layers and various lengths add dimension to any LBD. For a shorter cocktail dress, pair with a long cardigan that falls well below the dress’ hemline. For a long, elegant dress, pair with a cropped sweater or jacket. The minimalism of black on black leaves a clean palette to finally wear that necklace you bought in France two years ago, or stack your mother’s vintage bangles over a sleeve.

3. Running Errands: Modify the jeans and t-shirt look to be worn with your favorite LBD. Swap out jeans for a fitted denim jacket and a white t-shirt for a fitted white button down. When adding two layers, keep the lines tidy with a belt. Grey tights/leggings are a great alternative for bottoms.

4. Business Casual: Your LBD with your favorite fitted blazer and you’re reading for anything at the office. Keep your composure with a gorgeous scarf draped around the neckline. Be careful not to tie too tightly around the neck as to prevent it looking to wide.








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