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Body positivity, body acceptance, self love; call it whatever you want, but this movement of excepting and embracing the bodies of all people is changing the way people are represented in our culture and it isn’t going anywhere. For too long, big brands have set an impossible standard of how people should look, what they represent and had a limited catalog of what they offered to the public. Not anymore. The brands of Lane Bryant, Universal Standard and Target have raised the bar when it comes to representing fashion in advertising. Humanity in its most perfect light: on if inclusion and universality.

New Kind of Strong

Target rolled out with a new ad representing all kinds of people; different complexions, ethnicities, body shapes and lifestyles. And it was glorious. Target has been a big brand for many years and for them to embark on a campaign that shows representation of anyone lets everyone who walks into their stores know that they are beautiful and amazing. They feature a kid shredding on a skateboard, a black man doing yoga on his own in a football field, a disabled woman climbing a rope with no problem, and even a famous teenage ballerina rocking her style. The ad is truly a love letter to the American people and inclusivity.


Lane Bryant has launched several recent campaigns featuring the great actresses and models Gabourey Sidibe, Danielle Brooks and Ashley Graham. These three women have endured scores of criticism, especially because they are in the public eye. And they topple the haters. These women dominate in their careers, are trendsetters when it comes to style, and sex symbols for the new generations. Lane Bryant has been a store designed for curvy women’s fashion for decades, but them choosing these three powerful women who are vulnerable and confident, ends a powerful message about living in your truth and the body not being an apology.

Set The Standard

Universal Standard is a high-end clothing store dedicated to women of size from 10 to 28. Their looks are trendy, sleek. and sensual. Their recent campaign “Set The Standard” features a variety of women in all sizes. They have starter kits; which are full outfits starting at $60 dollars from the top down to the ankles. The models are a rainbow of different shapes, sizes, complexions, and orientations. There is nothing more beautiful than to gaze upon a fully realized catalog with women you can relate to. 

These companies aren’t just trend setters they are representatives of what people truly are. Diverse, colorful, open and deserving of love and appreciation. Target, Lane Bryant and Universal Standards are the examples to follow when it comes to enjoying style and appreciating people for who they truly are.

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