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Whether you’ve got a hand-me-down from your dad or a Benetton in every color, the v-neck sweater is an easy piece to wear—but it doesn’t have to be the ho-hum weekend staple you’ve turned it into. Ideally, pull one out of the closet that’s got a deeper V or a fun printed pattern on the front, then put it on…backwards. You won’t look style confused, we promise! A backwards V creates a pretty palette for a scarf or chunky jewelry (the backs—now the fronts—of V-necks are usually solid), and gives you some “walk away appeal.” Virtually any store has a great basic sweater, but we suspect you’ve got one kicking around in the closet somewhere…

1. Sunday Brunch

For those first days of fall, pair your v-neck with a soft jean and a wool cape or throw. A cowl scarf balances out the bulk and adds some interesting dimension to the breadth of the cape.

Sunday Brunch V-Neck sweater

2. Dinner & Drinks

Flip that v-neck around and show a little skin in the back. This elegant looks pairs easily with silk pants or a long skirt and a simple necklace or earrings.

Diner & Drinks V-Neck sweater

3. Running Errands

V-necks can be worn alone with almost any bottom so now’s the time to pull out those pants that have been hiding at the bottom of the pile and have a little fun! From linen polka-dot harem pants to those red skinny jeans you’ve never tried to pull off, now’s the time by keeping the top simple and comfortable.

Running Errands V-Neck sweater

4. Business Casual

V-neck? Check. Oxford? Check. Scarf? Check. Making this look work is all about fit so keep the lines lean, experiment with tucked-in and out, and DO NOT wear with baggy pants. A pencil skirt would also work with this outfit.

Business Casual V-Neck sweater

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