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Being fashionable can sometimes cost big bucks, but now with more affordable options, you can stretch your basic pieces multiple ways. More and more companies have been creating fashions for those who don’t quite make six figures.

But, even with such fast fashion companies like Forever 21, JC Penney, and Kohls its worth the investment to find quality pieces. So, finding pieces that are versatile and long lasting is a great way to be cost-efficient. Take a look at some of these pieces that can be worn in different ways.Plus Size Jeans Isabella Trouser NYDJ

1.   Jeans

Jeans are one of the best pieces to play with. They can be casual or a little more formal with the right top, shoes, and accessories, and with the variety of colors and styles, they will never be boring.

  • One outfit you can put together that is perfect for weekend wear that is both cute and casual is pairing your jeans with a tank and a kimono, or similar piece of layering outerwear such as a cardigan or maybe even a leather jacket.
  • The second outfit you can create with your jeans, this time for a night -on-the-town look, is throwing on a bright peplum top with some sexy shoes. With this outfit, you will steal the spotlight (and maybe someone’s attention too).

Plus Size Skirt

Eloquii Printed Midi Skirt

2. Printed Skirts

A cute printed skirt is another great addition to your wardrobe.The style can depend on what looks good on your body. A stripe printed pattern, for example, is a cute piece to have and will be the one that is spoken about here.

  • The first way you can wear your skirt is with a crop top that compliments the skirt. Of course, when you have a print, you need a solid color to balance it. And, if your skirt is dark, you can opt for a brighter top, while a more colorful skirt may call for a darker top. Because the skirt is a dark blue color, the coral top provides a beautiful pop of color to this outfit.
  • If you pair the skirt with a light, airy blouse appropriate for the office, you even have something to wear to work. For more conservative workplaces (or winter weather), wear pantyhose under the skirt for yet another look.

Plus Size American Rag Romper

American Rag Plus Size Romper

3. Rompers

Rompers have been gaining popularity because they are polished and trendy. They are also incredibly easy to wear and require little effort and accessory. They are especially great to take along on vacation.

  • Throw a romper on top of your bathing suit for a cute cover-up for a trip to the beach or pool. You can also simply pair the romper with some cute shoes to go sight-see.
  • Rompers can also be really glamorous as Selena Gomez and the Kardashians have proved. Longer rompers can look really elegant with the proper accessories.

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